The Grand Procession Route - Setting off at 11:30


Starting From Eureka car pack the procession goes on (following the same route as the last two years through the centre of town):

  • Church Street
  • Square Road
  • Horton St
  • Union Street
  • Market Street
  • Old Market
  • Corn Market 
  • Southgate
  • Ward's End
  • Commercial Street (very small section by Victoria Theatre)
  • Portland Place
  • Skircoat Road
  • Heath Road
  • Skircoat Green Road
  • Manor Heath Road

A parking suspension has been agreed with Calderdale Council for the entire route. Please do not park where indicated by signs or cones - it is a danger to the people in the procession and will be monitored by Parking Services.

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You will find the procession route signed from the weekend before. The Procession sets off at around 11:30 and can take over an hour to reach the ground.

No road closures will be in place before 11:20 AM. However some junctions will be closed for longer due to the use of a Traffic Management company and not the police. There will be no access to the train station from approximately 11:30 for around 15mins.

We apologise for any delay to drivers but it is only 1 day a year :-)

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