Company Questions

Company Concessions

Food / Rides

Please contact us with your details and we will send you an invite to tender for a plot. We do have a limited amount of space at Manor Heath and our charities always get priority. We then provide plots to companies with so many for each type of business. If you have something we don't currently have then that is a good postion to be in, so contact us.

Trade Stalls

We don't, as a rule, have trade stalls at the gala. We do allow companies to attend but expect all (excluding refreshment stalls) to offer some form of entertainment to the public. This could be a competition, game or ride in a hydraulic platform (to give a somewhat less mainstream example we had a few years ago). This could be free, or not, but any profits must go to good causes. Just contact us with your idea.

Companies Supporting Charities

Some companies wish to attend to support a particular good cause.  We have in the past allowed companies to do this splitting the profits between their good cause and our good causes. Again contact us with details of what you wish to do and who you would like to support.

Other Requirements

All organisations attending must provide the committee with evidence they have valid public liability insurance, up to date risk assessments and any other statutory requirement (eg safety / hygiene certificates).

What next?

If you think you have something to offer us please visit the contact us page and select Concessions as the subject of your message.

Be a Supplier to the Gala

How can we supply you with 'XYZ'?

We have some very good ties with local companies for a lot the equipment and services we need for the gala. In addition we also engage in three year contracts with many suppliers in order to get the best deals. We therefore are only required to look at certain suppliers each year. You can review the dates below and contact us post gala the year the contract expires and you will be considered. Expiry dates marked as N/A are where we are supported by a local company in a deal we do not wish to improve on (probably free).

Service / Equipment

Contract Expires

Skips / Waste Management N/A
Printing Year by year - 2023
Radio Hire Year by year - 2023
Toilets Hire Year by year - 2023
Marquee Hire Year by year - 2023
Tables and Chairs Hire Year by year - 2023
Fire Extinguishers N/A
Security Year by year - 2023
First Aid Year by year - 2023
Traffic management Year by year - 2023
Vehicle Hire Year by year - 2023

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