Charities / Good Causes

Can we attend?

Normally only members can attend the gala however, we will allow a 'try before you buy' at £50 to prospective good causes (which is decuted from the joining fee should they decide to go for full membership). The good cause would need to meet the joining requirements and be approved by the committee. Should you then wish to join in subsequent years we will count this payment towards the joining fee.

Can we join?

  • Are you a registered charity, not for profit organisation, good causes or community group?
  • Do you have links with Calderdale, a local office, HQ or provide your service within the Calderdale Area?
  • Are you willing to abide by the Committee's rules?
  • Are you willing to meet the Member responsibilities?

Then apply to join. All applications have to be approved by our committee as a formality.

The benefit to the people of Halifax or wider Calderdale area is usualy fairly direct although our longest active good cause is the Calderdale RNLI. We don't have a life boat stationed in Calderdale but many of us will go the the seaside on holiday and the committee of some 60 years ago must have accepted this. If you have a similar tenuous connection we will consider all requests.

What will it cost?

The joining fee is £250. Many charities make this back in the first year (payment can be made after gala day if required). You can also try a year for £50, you can keep any money you take on the stall, procession and 50% of advanced ticket sales. You will need to have paid the full joining fee to be entitled to receive any distribution.

Members decide how much they wish to spend on stalls and floats and vary vastly. You will need public liability insurance. The committee do offer an 'insurance' to members against loss for new stalls or activities to encourage members to try something different. Ask for more information if this could be of interest. You still get to keep your share of the ticket money and procession takings.

Why don't you support "...XYZ..." charity?

We support any good cause that meets the above requirments and is accepted as a member. We do not seekout good causes nor do we make grants, however our friends at Community Foundation For Calderdale do. If you know of a charity you think should be benefiting from the gala, please ask them to get in touch.

How do we join / try the gala for a year?

Please vist the contact us page and select Becoming a Member as the subject and tell us who you are, what you do, where you do it and if its not already answered tell us your connection to Calderdale.

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