Support Us


Buy a ticket and turn up on the day!

Buying a ticket from a HCG good cause directly supports both them and the Gala. The good causes receive at least 50p from every ticket sold - for the past two years over £1 for every ticket they sold (yes for £1 via the distribution). It is a bit complicated to explain - either just take it as read or check out the FAQs section.

Once you've got your ticket (and saved 50% on entry), turn up on the day and spend your savings on the Charity stalls, games, rides, competitions and much much more!

Can't Make It?

You can still support the HCG and all of its registered good causes by buying an HCG pin badge from our online store.

Take a look at the companies who already support us and support them so they can keep supporting us! Make sure you mention the Gala! Check out the Thank You! page for a long list of companies and individuals who have helped fantastically over the years.

Wanna get physical?

We can always use help both on gala day, through out the year on the committee, or a couple of hours to help put some banners or signs up. If you can spare some time, we can probably use it. Have a look at our Volunteer page for more information.


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